Module 2 is quite demanding therefore do not feel intimidated by the depth of the lessons and the questions that follow. It is a true saying that ‘the race is not to the swift’. Don’t panic and don’t try to rush the lessons. Do try and enjoy them and grow steadily in knowledge and in confidence.


Consists of Six Lessons with an Introductory video in each lesson covering each lesson’s content:-
An Introduction to Module 2
1. The Holy Spirit – His Person and Work

2. An Introduction to the Baptism with the Holy Spirit
3. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit and How to Receive it
4. The Gifts of the Spirit – The Gifts of Inspiration
(i) Tongues
(ii) Interpretation of Tongues
(iii) Prophecy
5. The Gifts of the Spirit – The Gifts of Revelation
(i) Word of Knowledge
(ii) Word of Wisdom
(iii) Discerning of spirits

6. The Gifts of the Spirit – The Gifts of Power

(i) Faith
(ii) Gifts of Healing
(iii) Working of Miracles

1. ‘A’ – an excellent pass (70% and over)
2. ‘B’ – a good pass (60% – 69%)
3. ‘C’ – a pass (50% – 59%)
4. ‘D’ – a fail and you would be required to complete the lesson over again
Each lesson can be completed in your own time – simply work at the pace you find most comfortable and convenient.
May God bless you richly as you work through this Module.