About International Bible College

Our story

The International Bible College Course was created  with the vision to encourage men and woman around the world to seriously study the Word of God even as Paul encouraged youthful Timothy.

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth”  2 Timothy 2:15

Through our degree course students can now gain an excellent academic qualification while at the same time developing a deeper walk with God and a deeper understanding of His Word.

This course has been taught to students from all backgrounds and educational levels, from students with no educational qualification  to university academics and professionals from many disciplines. Since 1992 our course has benefited many students who have not only earned  a recognized qualification, but  have also
enriched their own personal lives through the discipline of studying the bible.  This course will make you think about your own spiritual journey and by the grace of God will take you to a new level of Christian witness and service. Many of our graduates will testify that this course has been for them a truly life changing experience.

Feedback & Reviews

Reviews by students who have benefited from the course.

I have found it a fantastic help, it has help me really get into the bible and learn more about my faith at my own pace



I like that we are talking about baptism and Christian life



What can I do for you?

Which course is right for you?

For you to decide if this course is right for you to  enrol, you will first need to determine what you will be looking to achieve from the course. From the college curriculum you will find that our course will take you through the fundamentals of the Christian faith, which is equivalent of part one of the degree course.

Our Bachelor of Science degree in Religious Education takes you beyond the basis level of knowledge and will require more written course work from each lesson.

The degree level consists of 13 modules with 6 lessons within each module, with each lesson provided with a full online lecture and  written course work to ensure that our students understand.

Our course is designed to help secure a deeper knowledge of the subject matter.


When can I start and how long will it take?

Our course is designed to allow prospective students to enrol at IBC anytime they wish.  There is no need to wait months, you can start your online course immediately by registering now. Once you have enrolled you can work through the lessons and modules at your own pace, submitting your written work without the pressure of time restrictions.

You are required to submit written work after each lesson and we encourage you to work at your own pace so as to ensure that you retain what you have learned. The written work is graded and returned with feedback to help.

Once completed you will receive an internationally recognized Bachelor of Science degree qualification from the Evangelical Bible College and Seminary, Greenacres Florida USA.

Who will benefit from our bible college course?

To study at IBC is a win-win situation because the bible says, “Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning”. Proverbs 9:9.

In other words you can’t have too much of a good thing when it comes to education. There is a widely spread myth that suggests bible colleges and what they provide are unnecessary, as personal study of the bible and the empowering of the Holy Spirit is all that we require to serve the Lord effectively. 

It is true that many great evangelists and pastors have had no bible college training, men like Charles H.Spurgeon  and D.L. Moody for example. However, Jesus Himself discipled 12 chosen men over an intense three year period, which lays to rest the argument that we have no need of a bible college education.

Who will benefit from our bible college course?… YOU WILL

Need advice?

Here at IBC we are always happy to help with questions you may have from, “Is this the right course for me?” to, “How can I upload my written work?”.  Don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.

Let us help you set your goals on the right path.